Precise L850​ Advanced Active Compensated
Stairwell Pressurization Controller​
UL864​ Listed to​
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Zone Control​

ABOUT The ADVANCED ACSP Active Compensated Stairwell Pressurization System from LFSystems takes how you control stairwell pressure in more complicated building applications to a whole other level. The L864 compares pressures in multiple zones and controls a listed stairwell pressurization fan as well as a relief damper to maintain the user determined range. The Advanced ACSP expands functionality by adding the L850 controller to the system which intern adds Injection Point Regulators and Damper control. It is designed to handle up to 12 floors on a single controller and maintains a consistent positive pressure in a high-rise building stairwell in the event of a fire. Giving you the most balanced stairwell pressurization system in the industry. As doors open and close, the L850 and modulating Injection Point Dampers maintain the proper pressure in each “zone” of the stairwell. This ensures the entire stairwell is safe and clear for evacuation. ​