PSS Prefabricated Shaft System 36" Diameter Integral Up To
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ABOUT The PSS Prefabricated Shaft System from LFSystems is a factory fabricated duct system designed to be used for multi-story exhaust systems where a fire-rated shaft is required. The PSS is available in both single-wall and double-wall with optional integrated low-profile subducts risers, eliminating the need for fire/smoke dampers. The modular design assembles with a simple V-band for quick installation with no welding required. The PSS is ideal for clothes dryers, bathroom and kitchen exhaust.

The double-wall option features a UL/ULC classified 2-hour fire rating, eliminating the need for separate fire-rated wall and field fabricated duct work. It also only requires a single inspection, saving time and money on-site. The PSS is made in the USA and includes a limited lifetime warranty with engineered technical support.